My Kinky Coily Hair eBook Cover

My Kinky,
Coily Hair

A Novel by Aisha Rice

Naomi is an African- American girl dealing with the struggle of accepting her natural hair. The journey through her week helps remind her that although her hair may different, its okay. Will a trip to her grandmother's help reminder her how beautifully unique her and her hair can actually be?

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About the Author

Aisha Rice

Aisha Rice is an author out of the DC/Maryland/Virginia area by way of California.

She graduated from George Mason University in 2006 and obtained her Paralegal Certificate from Georgetown University.

Her undergraduate degree was in Journalism, so she has always enjoyed writing. Also coming from a family of three girls and Aisha smack in the middle, hair trials and tribulations were a constant in her household.

Aisha is also an avid hiker and adventurer who spends her weekends hiking with her friends and dog and doing different community related projects. Aisha Rice wrote this book to remind young children of their innate, magical, totally awesome selves.

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